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"agency", "marketing", "digital", "digital marketing", "construction", "projects", "branding", "activation", "Jeddah", "Riyadh", "Dammam", "Saudi Arabia", "events", "launch", "social media",  "السعودية", "جدة", "الدمام", "الرياض", "تسويق", تسويق الكتروني", "مشاريع"

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Meet Us

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Our Story

IDL Choice is a company duly organized in 2004 and built around several main points of expertise and within these expert services we have further divided them into two sub divisions: IDL Choice Marketing and IDL Choice Construction.

This smart and dedicated approach aims to give clients within each vertical a proper dedicated team to ensure 100% satisfaction and meet and exceed expectations.

Based on this smart approach, we were able to grow in a very challenging and demanding market.


“We tell your story. We convey the drama. We bridge the gap and create the link”.

We are your IDL choice in creating memorable brand experience with your target audience.

We can help you at any stage of your business life cycle in multiple job functions. Whether you’re just starting up with a new idea or have built a multi-national brand – IDL Choice is designed to scale as your business scales.


We offer “A” class services and quality for “B” class rate card!

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We’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, as well as some of the most niche, but far more important than establishing business with our clients is building relationships with them.

We aim to create experience, and raise the scale and quality of services by creating awareness among our clients through our execution and deliverables.



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Our clients

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