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About IDL Choice - Activations

Is it your brand identity, brand acquisition or brand equity that you are developing?
Well, look no further! You’ve come to the right place!
As true event experts, IDL Choice has a team of very creative, but at the same time execution-strong, event specialists at our partners’ disposal to create amazing events.
For us it’s about getting people to engage with your brand, providing you with an extensive Post-Modern Marketing methodology that blends insights, creativity, data and technology to deliver extraordinary and intelligent experiences across the buyer journey for you to become the most important in your market.
We aim to enrich brand activations with the use of online technologies and social platforms, blending online and offline together, ultimately engaging even more people during and after the activation while using our digital workforce's expertise.
For the past years we have been providing our partners with entertainment events, influencer engagement, storytelling, promotional marketing, sampling, cooking shows to fairs and trade events.
Our brand activation programs and strategies raise high awareness turning consumers into fans and ultimately into ambassadors.
We partner with brands, corporates and discrete clients in addition to PR, marketing and event agencies.

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